What’s in my Bag (Work Edition)

Aloha everyone!  Today’s post is going to be one of my highly searched for, watched, coveted-after blog topics/videos. I love seeing what other people carry in their bags, so here’s a look into what contents are in mine. This particular Coach messenger was a gift from my mom three years ago on Christmas. It was originally hers and I fell in love with it as soon as she brought it home. I don’t use this bag very often because the leather and suede materials are quite heavy and can easily get ruined from daily use, but when I do I absolutely love it. I change my bags frequently so you can be reassured that I will be posting another one soon, most likely my weekend bag because I carry a significantly smaller amount of items on the weekends.

  • Snacks: Altoids Arctic Peppermint Mints and Fruitgo Lychee flavored hard candy for those long rides home.
  • Reusable Sephora shopping tote for those last minute grocery trips.
  • Umbrella because it’s hurricane season and Hawai’i has been getting more rain lately.
  • I always carry a small pouch to hold my medicines, band aids (because I’m accident-prone) and emergency items like hair ties, sample perfumes and bobby pins.
  • Moleskine notebook to plan out my blog posts and upcoming projects.
  • Three pens…. Because the person sitting next to you in church never has their own.
  • Manuheali’i pouch to hold my office keys and my spare house key (we’ve been locked out of our house twice already and this has come in so handy)
  • Zip pouch to throw my car keys, wallet and phone into when I don’t want to carry around my huge bag.
  • Electronics pouch to hold my chargers, memory cards and usb drives.
  • Sunglasses….duh.
  • Yet another pouch in my bag to hold my GoPro and its accessories.
  • Hand sanitizer…..I’m a germ freak, need I say more?
  • I also carry my Windows Surface tablet in this bag when I know I need to put up a blog post or need inspiration from other blog sites.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, please feel free to let me know what you would like to see for my upcoming blog posts! See you on Tuesday!


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