4 Organization Tips (for the busy mom)

We all anticipate our lives taking a 360 degree turn when we become parents, but what do you do when you have countless tasks to complete before going to bed at night and waking up to do it all over again? To put it simply, get your shit straightened out. I mean it in the best possible way, trust me. After giving birth to Ava, I managed to inherit a basket full of new parent tasks, appointments and chores to juggle on a daily basis. You can relate to the fact that, even if you aren’t a parent yet, there will be days when it seems like a never ending road of “grown up” things to do. Here are my tips to keeping you organized, on top of it, and sane.

  1. Pouch system: You may have noticed in my last blog post that I keep quite a few small pouches in my purse to organize all of the items  and keep them from messily sitting at the bottom of the bag. I used this method even before having Ava, and it has proven most effective since bringing her into this world. Added bonus: since she’s in an explorative phase in her toddler age right now so she loves to go through my bags. Keeping the smaller items in pouches gives me that extra second before she throws everything into the trash can. (By the way, how cute is this “Coffee for President,” pouch? I’m obsessed.) 
  2. Notebooks: I cannot express how much I rely on writing EVERYTHING down to keep me from dropping the ball. Being a mom with a full-time career has its major brain-crashing days. I have to remember small things like refilling her diaper bag before we leave the house to big things like grabbing the keys before I lock the door. It sounds crazy, and a little irresponsible, but when you’re running on low sleep and the nearest coffee is ten minutes down the road, you’re bound to forget even the simplest things. So write it all down. I started writing down my daily agenda, from the moment I get out of bed to the moment I get back in to sleep at night. Then I minimized it to a list of to-do items because I started to remember to brush my hair after a month. Writing it down gives me a visual, that I can cross off and give myself a golden star for, and my brain won’t be jam packed with umpteen million things. 
  3. Color Code: This goes hand-in-hand with items 2 and 4. Because I write so much, I developed a color coded system for categories such as “Ava’s doctors appointments, My doctors appointments, Work projects, House Chores, Clay’s work schedule,etc.” This helps me immediately identify what is urgent, can be done later, or can be pushed off until tomorrow like vacuuming the floor.
  4. Planners: I have a profound love of stationery. My favorite item amongst the stationery family is the planner. I don’t care if it’s a checkbook monthly planner or the Filofax A5 planner binder, I want them all. And for good reason: my life needs organization. Before coming back to work full-time, I was a full time student, and a brand new mother. How was it? Not easy. Having three classes in a day, coordinating times to nurse my daughter between classes, then carving out time for homework while she was sleeping was beyond the capacity of knowledge my brain could encompass. I award myself with one luxury planner a year, because being a mom calls for it. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! See you on Thursday! 


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