Fall Film Favorites 

Aloha all! After nearly two and half weeks, I am back and ready to conquer the next few blog posts. Be prepared, due to my lack of proper and consistent attention to my site, I will be uploading not one, not two, but three blog posts today! You will see an apparent theme to all my upcoming posts, as summer ends and fall begins. Just a heads up, fall and winter are my favorite seasons.I hope you enjoy them! Read on. 

For me, Fall signifies cool nights, (and when I say cool, the lowest it could possibly here is 60 degrees,) bundled up on the couch in the living room with your family eating sweet bread and drinking hot cocoa while Harry Potter plays over and over again. Yes, I am one of those crazy obsessed Harry Potter fanatics and have read each book from cover to cover repeatedly before even seeing the movies.

Here are my favorite fall movies (with a couple of non-movie items as well)

  1. Practical Magic – I could quote each line in this film probably as efficiently as I can quote each line in Selena.
  2. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – it was a bitter sweet experience reading this book. I got used to reading in script format after the first couple of pages, but tried my hardest to enlongate the experience. I’d only allowed myself twenty pages a day so as to not finish it within hours of picking it up at Target. Who else feels separation anxiety after these books are done? Just me? Ok. I was meant to be a witch, not a bloody muggle. 
  3. Hocus Pocus – this movie need no introduction or heartfelt description. Fall would cease to exist without the Sanderson sisters. 
  4. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – I made sure to expose Ava to as many family traditions which clay and I were brought up with. Before I found interest in the preceding films, Charlie Brown was the OG of all fall movies. She’s more concerned with Sofia the First at the moment, but I still enjoy it. 
  5. Brownies – I couldn’t possibly fit all the snacks I indulge in while watching these films, so i just included the bag of brownie mix to represent all the baked goods, popcorn bags, and hot cocoa boxes which will be empty by the end of November. 
  6. Harry Potter – I’ve mentioned Harry Potter three times in one post, if he were like beetle juice and could magically appear each time I said his name three times, it’d be said more times than I can imagine. Harry Potter marathons began in August, my insanely controlling way of ridding summer and jumpstarting Fall. 

What are your favorite fall movies? See you in the next post! 



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