Fall Style Favorites

If I had my way, I would make fall and winter the only seasons I would experience in my life. Now, before you go all crazy one me for wishing such a thing, I was born and raised in Hawaii. We are but one tiny chain of rocks in the middle of Pacific Ocean and relatively near the equator, so we don’t experience fall and winter like those in the Mainland would. Humidity is a year-round forecast, and sunshine is almost nearly guaranteed everyday. I love it, but to be completely honest it’s damn hot, and when fall and winter finally start rolling around it means my daily outfits can be exchanged for warmer layers, boots, and I can style my hair a little nicer without the higher chance of the humidity killing it. 

So without further ado, here at some of my favorite styling choices this time of year.

*Disclaimer: I am not, and probably never will be, a fashion designer. I dress myself comfortably, functional, and utilitarian.*

I purchased this faux leather jacket from Forever21 two years ago, and it’s perfect for layering over a pair of black leggings and a graphic tee. The scarf was a gift from my mom last Christmas, and I layer it year round with various outfits. This black Baggu pouch was a recent purchase from Nordstrom Rack, and serves as a chic, yet completely convenient purse. It surprisingly holds more than I thought, having a 20- month- old toddler entails carrying extra necessities, and this pouch holds it all. 

I probably have more jackets and coverups in my wardrobe than underwear. This jeans jacket was a Nordstrom purchase last year and has been worn more times than my leggings. You can pair a jeans jacket with nearly anything. The red flannel was found at Charlotte Russe and will be worn until my Christmas tree goes down in late January. The tote was also a recent purchase from Forever21 for a whopping $8!!!!!! I’m in love with it and have put away my coach purse for this inexpensive alternative. 

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a bag lady. These four purses represent the colors of fall, and hence the reason why I use them more frequently this time of year. Both of the cross body bags are from coach; the love green one was purchased at the outlet early this year and I found the nutmeg beauty at the bottom of a bin in SAVERS years ago, score! I love using crossbody bags because they free my hands. The Fjallraven Kanken mini was a purchase last year that I do not regret. It’s made with water resistant materials, fits a surprising amount of items, and just happens to be one of my favorite colors. Bonus: the iPhone 6s Plus fits in the side pockets PERFECTLY. and of course, my new babies, the Baggu pouch and Forever21 tote. 

I regrettably forgot to photograph my cognac colored boots from Old Navy, just know that they’re worn everyday and I got them in the clearance section! 

Eventually I will do a handbag collection post, but that could nearly take me two weeks to put together. 

Thanks everyone! What do you like to wear in fall?


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