What is Balance??

I always had this picture of how I’d raise Ava once she came into this world (absolutely no contact with a cell phone, no sweets, no pics of her face on social media, etc.,)  but I’ve found that I just could not stick to what I planned, no matter how hard I tried. Where is this going? Well, I opened this site with the intention of posting new material every Tuesday and Friday. Have I held up my end of the bargain? Absolutely not. Life often finds its way into your agenda, and often times there is nothing you can do about it. As easy as it is to say “that’s not an excuse,” it really truly is. Me, being the plan-obsessed, control-craving person that I am, it bothers me that I can’t seem to find balance between being a mom and full-time associate, and allotting enough time to focus on myself so I don’t go insane. Who’s with me? You know those days when you planned to go to the grocery store, post office, and a doctor’s appointment, and then you have to cancel brunch with your best friend whom you haven’t seen for months because you’re so darn tired from “adulting?”

So I’m here today, on a quest to find true balance between all aspects of my life, and ask you, whether you’re a mommy or not, what do you do to keep everything from buckling under you? I have made it a daily habit to write everything down in my Erin Condren Life Planner, and add it to my calendar on my iPhone. I also prepare whichever bags need to be carried with me throughout the day (i.e baby bag, purse, workbag, etc.,) but no matter how prepared I am materialistically, I become mentally crippled when a wrench is thrown into my pre-planned day.

Maybe that’s the problem! Being a mom, you need to go with the flow of things. If you forget your daughter’s diaper bag, go to Target and indulge in a 2-hour browsing trip before picking up a small pack of pampers and wipes. If baby is fussy and wants to feed while you’re in traffic to get to your next appointment, pull into a McDonald’s parking lot, feed her, then run through the drive thru and grab yourself a snack. I need to learn to let go of control, just let it go (anyone singing Elsa’s rendition of Let It Go right now? No? Just me? Ok.) As hard as it is, I need to learn to let go of control, nothing in life will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be wonderful. I have to live in the moment, be punctual and prepared but not so controlling that I can’t handle even the slightest change. It’s going to consume me, and before I know it, I’ll have stressed myself so much while I missed countless moments with my almost 2-year-old.

I’m pretty sure I just laid myself out and then gave myself advice in one unnecessarily long rant of a post, but I just had to Let It Go (lol).  

See you all soon!


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